Lauren Jimerson

Brave, contemporary magic



Pliny, Michigan is a town like no other in America. With the peaceful Iroquois River flowing through it, Pliny is a diverse but poor village built on the traditions of ancestry, marriage and inheritance in which the old families used to hold power and rank. 

Siobhan June is a successful author from an old family. After returning back to her childhood home for her great-grandmother’s funeral, she is commissioned by the Pliny Historical Society to write a biography of the city. In her pursuit of writing a worthwhile book, she stumbles on to a murder mystery that awakens a deeply rooted ancient magic that is associated with the river, Pliny, and even Siobhan, herself.

As the first published novel of an impressive young woman, “They Came From the River” is a rare jewel. Filled with stark humanity balanced with powerful compassion, this is a must read for anyone who has ever felt the quiver of magic and tried to find it.
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