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The Reason I'm Changing My Author Platform and Why You Should, Too

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I have this fixation with creating my female's characters fashion. It's a natural product of writing from a female perspective. My insight on them goes far beyond how they look (I write black female protagonist). I think about how they dress. Does their attire match their personality? What color of nails would she have? Would she even polish her nails? Is her makeup flashy or is it minimalist? Skirts or dresses? Jeans or leggings? What sort of purse would she rock?

This whole "fashion obsession" began with Siobhan June. She's a modern, sophisticated, somewhat emotionally distant young lady who enjoys the finer things in life. Cool. But how should I dress her? My early Pinterest Boards were inspired by her sense of fashion and style. Eventually, I started treating my other characters the same. Charlotte Sinclair's style is inspired by a sultry, independent woman from the roaring 1920's. Fawn Ichikawa's fashion is the epitome of luxury. Camilla DiGorgio is sexy bohemian. And Belle Holloway favors a straight, sensible silhouette. 

 I plan on going into this in much more detail because this blog isn't just for my books. I'm now lifestyle blogging. Lifestyle blogging, for an author, is such a wonderful way to talk about your influences and other interest. I feel that making my author platform more lifestyle oriented that I can relate to a host of more people without losing my passion for storytelling.

For example, my blog is centered around my writings and combining the other aspects of my life that contributes to my imagination. Fashion, hair, gardening, architecture, travel, adventure, mythology, anthropology, astronomy, food...these are all things that i thoroughly enjoy. Just take a gander at my Pinterest Boards. I'm all over the place because I hate to be boxed into a certain category. 

I'm starting this lifestyle blog with the fashion aspects of my characters. Not to worry, the men in my books will get fair treatment as well. I simply adore dressing my male characters in a suit and tie (The Lavish Northrup Hall). However, all of my other interest and pursuits will be discussed as well. 

Again, the Lavish Northrup Hall will be released on Halloween 2018. It is a fantasy horror novella about a hunting party being tormented by a mysterious entity on a lavish New England estate. It has an anachronistic timeline which experiments with the 1920's and 1930's as well as the present. Main characters are Charlotte Sinclair, Belle Holloway, and Fawn Ichikawa.  If this sounds like something you'd read, subscribe to my email list for updates and giveaways.