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Why I am Reconstructing My Story, The Lavish Northrup Hall.

The Lavish Northrup HallLauren JimersonComment

Storytelling is hard. Writing a book is even harder. There are so many things to consider: plot, setting, characters...researching the plot, characters, and setting. It's no wonder that I haven't published a book in two years. I've been called purist by my colleagues. As I grow and evolve as a writer, I'm starting to see how I am. I like to get the emotions of every element just right when I am creating a story.

About a year ago I made a post detailing the general idea of a story called The Lavish Northrup Hall. It would have been a fantasy horror novella set in 1920's England. As I was putting pen to paper, I realized that I could not write this story. I've never lived in 1920's England. The most I know of that time and place is from what I learned from watching Downton Abbey. To fully understand this era I was doing a lot of research but something wasn't connecting creatively. As it turns out, I was doing more researching than actual writing and story building. That's a problem.

Fast forward one year later, I've reconstructed The Lavish Northrop Hall. The story is an experimentation in anachronism. It will be set in the present. However, elements such as fashion, drinks, sport, etc will have a 1920's and 1930's flair. Instead of England, I'm moving the setting to New England. Making it an American tale, I can discuss themes like love, jealousy, sexism, racism, and betrayal truer to form. It will still be a horror fantasy novella. Lastly, it will be published next month. That sets the publication date before the sequel to They Came from the River. 

The Lavish Northrup Hall is about a hunting party becoming victims of a mysterious entity while gathered on a Gilded Age New England estate. The main character, Charlotte Page Sinclair, is an anthropologist and folklorist navigating ethnicity and socio-economic classes. I was inspired by Zora Neale Hurston when I created her. She's full of wit, fun, and survival. If The Lavish Northrup Hall sounds like your kind of story, subscribe to my mailing list for upcoming events, news, and giveaways.