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A Style Guide of Siobhan June (The Sarea Legends)

Siobhan June, Style GuideLauren JimersonComment

The creation of Siobhan June came from my need to create a character that is totally different from me , but who also possessed fundamental characteristics of myself. She’s totally fascinating to me. Much of my branding and marketing platforms is built off of her style. In a few short words, Siobhan June’s visual identity is:







She’s a minimalist. She doesn’t rock a lot of bling or flash. I envisioned groundbreaking silhouettes with a duality in both movement and restriction. Her color palette is either pale colors or dark and vivid. There wouldn’t be a lot of prints or patterns in her wardrobe. Maybe stripes and plaid. She’d keep to cool, conservative tones and color blocking. She’d wear pearls and studs encrusted with gems. Her favorite jewelry would be sterling silver, white gold, or platinum. I think gold would be too much dazzle for her.

Pearls are always appropriate.
— Jackie Kennedy

Hair and Make Up

Siobhan is a classic girl. She favors natural make up with a bold red lip occasionally. Her hair is usually pinned up or in a low ponytail/bun.

Everyday Casual

I’ve always imagined that Siobhan mastered the concept of business casual. She’s an author, ghostwriter, and business woman. All of her outfits would need to be stylish, sophisticated, and comfortable. This is nice example of how she’d dress when shopping, running errands, at a cafe, etc.

Business Attire

Siobhan is the queen of business attire. I have the best time pinning outfit ideas for her. Siobhan is at her best when she is working. Rather it is organizing business connections or interviewing old families, Siobhan June will always look like she stepped out of a fashion magazine.


As far as something sexy, she’d be a draper. In my opinion, a draped dress or shirt with a nice slit can take an outfit from casual to BAM! Siobhan’s idea of sexy expresses itself in evening wear/ cocktail attire.

Formal Wear

One of the fun things about The Sarea Legends Book Two is writing the Mayoral Ball. Finally, I get to dress her up in a princess gown. For this scene, I’m stepping Siobhan out of usual box while still remaining true to aesthetic. I really fell in love with the idea of a Cinderella like silhouette. It the drama and elegance of it all! What do you all think? Follow the Siobhan June Pinterest Board and leave a comment with your thoughts and ideas.