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30 Day Journal Challenge: What does my soul want me to know?

Siobhan JuneLauren JimersonComment

Sitting alone on my bed today, August 29, 2018, I'll ask the age old question: What does my soul want me to know?  I'm no stranger to studying ancient and estoic knowledge. I'm an anthropologist and fantasy writer after all. Within 5 minutes of rythmatic breathing and meditation, the answer came to me.


My soul needs for me to know love. 

That's a blog topic for another time and day. However, I can't help thinking about love. Lately, I've been daydreaming about love. The sweet, romantic kind of love stories that I heard when I was a little girl. I was such a hopeless romantic kid. Over the years, my approach to love became a lot more grounded...realistic.

But what so wrong with romantic, fairy-tales and far off adventures with the one that you love?

Tell me, what does your soul want you to know today?