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30 Day Journal Challenge: Someone That I Miss?

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Someone that I miss?

Her name was Mrs. Eunice Freeman and she passed away when I was ten. She started off as the neighborhood babysitter but over time she became a 3rd grandmother to me. My mom's mother passed away before I was born and I wasn't as close as I'd like to have been with my dad's mom.

Mrs. Freeman stepped in and took the role of granny with ease and grace. I sometimes get the sense that she never left me. During times of stress and uncertainty, I'll usually have a dream about her giving me comfort and advice.  In these dreams, she's always dressed in the white sequin gown that she was laid to rest in. White suited her because she was the sort of person who could light up a room with a smile and a laugh. She loved reggae, horror movies, and George of the Jungle. I only hope that I will be as amazing and loved as she was.