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Dark Magic vs. Dark Energy pt. 1. How I’m Creating Magic in my Novels.

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I learned y=mx+b and suddenly I am studying astrophysics. In order to graduate college, I had to take a long dreaded math class. After long hours of studying and crying, I passed the class with an A. I became so enthralled with math that I started studying astronomy out of sheer curiosity. I have learned a plethora of wonderful things about the universe. But most mysterious and fascinating are the concepts of dark matter and dark energy.

As a fantasy writer it is my duty to incorporating these phenomena into my books. I think every writer have a different idea of magic and how it works. I always thought of the magic in my The Sarea Legends books as a mysterious energy source that naturally existed on Earth and only certain people can manipulate it. This brings me to the concept of dark energy. This begs the question the question: What is dark energy?

In physics, dark energy can be defined as a theoretical repulsive force that counteracts gravity and causes the universe to expand at an accelerating rate.

Or, an unknown form of energy which is hypothesized to permeate all of space, tending to accelerate the expansion of the universe. -Wikipedia

The really cool things is that astronomers still don’t know exactly what dark energy is. They know more about what it is rather than what it isn’t. What is known is that it makes up approximately 70% of the universe. The other 25% is dark matter and the remaining 5% consist of the known universe which is everything that can be perceived from a telescope. The two popular theories about dark energy is that it is either a.) energy created from empty space and is constant throughout all time and space, or b.) an energy that varies over time and space.

Dark energy is the real world counterpart to magic. According to my imagination, magic is an energy force that flows throughout the universe. It is unseen, powerful, and highly active. Magic is also found within humans. The universal nature of magic allows the Sareas to manipulate celestial objects to a small degree. For instance, there is moon magic, star magic, radiation magic, etc. However, it takes a highly skilled mage to manipulate these energies at will.

Magic on Earth is much more renegade than it is on other dimensions. Meaning that the Sareas can manipulate it a lot easier than a person living in their home world. The reason being is that their are simply more people with magic in their home world. This creates a natural checks and balance system. Earth has only three known magic practitioners. Since their is an abundance of magical energy on Earth and only a few mages, they can conjure things more freely. This plot point isn’t too important in the second book. However, the third book revolves around this idea.

I intend for this to be a blog series about magic. Part two will be about the how dark matter has inspired magic in my books.