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Upcoming Book: The Lavish Northrup Hall

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I started this blog to say that I have an old soul. I became an anthropologist because I have a old soul. And I studied history because I have an old soul. Living in the modern world doesn't always allow for me to live in my life of romantic nostalgia, which is why I became a writer. Now I can effectively build worlds and characters of nostalgia without the judgement of others. 

Having said that, my new book will be published later this year. The Lavish Northrup Hall is set in the Cotswold of England. A mysterious entity is haunting the hunting  party of the heir of Northrup Hall. I like to think of this story as a blend of history, paranormal and Gothic literature. I was primarily inspired by the idea of putting a young,  black woman in the middle of 1920s English mystery. The potential was just unlimited to me.  

Below is a visual representation of my upcoming book. The idea board ranges from setting to tapestries that might be seen in such a manor.