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The Houses of Pliny: Blue Haven

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Besides Old Iroquois, Blue Haven is the second main house in the series. Owned by the Vega family, it is a tall, three story high Queen Anne Victorian nestled in East Pliny. The Vegas are considered one,  if not the oldest family, in Pliny with a history that stretches back nearly 100 years. The Vega name has a great amount of respect to it. And Blue Haven commands just as much respect as well.

The concept for Blue Haven is that it's ornate beyond self control. Behind the bright, baby blue painted vinyl is a very traditional Victorian home. The Vegas had done little to update the house over years. They preferred to keep the pristine dark wooden details and elaborate wallpapering that the previous owner did. Compared to Old Iroquois and many of the other big houses, Blue haven is quite small. But what it lacks in square footage, it makes up for in height. Instead of a traditional hallway, the house has a circular room that has access to most rooms on the main floor and allows one to see straight up to the third floor.

The Vegas are arguably the oldest family in Pliny. There home needed to match that prestige. I modeled Blue Haven after an old library. Being that it's the second main house of the series, I wanted it to be in stark contrast of Old Iroquois. It's cramped, darker and smaller but enchanting, nonetheless. My inspiration came from flipping through a photo book of the most beautiful libraries in the world. The cramped feeling is reminiscent of how the actual Victorians lived. Blue Haven is one my favorite houses to wrote on. There is a sense of wonder and somberness in Blue Haven. There are things that seems so out of place and misconstrued which is what gives the house its charm.