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Siobhan June, Magic and Pearls

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I have an author interview coming up! Examining the Odd, a blog about highlighting the strange, is granting me an interview. One of the questions asked me to give more insight into my main character, Siobhan June. Honestly, I'm not asked that question a lot. To my delight, I got to talking about her.

I created her during an interesting time in my life. I usually like to read about a carefree, spunky and funny heroine. But as I grew older I became more interested in a conservative kind of girl. Siobhan is tall, elegant, regal and classy. She's the type of girl who always has a pair of heels on her feet, pearls around her neck and big, bold, black sunglasses covering her eyes. She rarely wears her hair down. Instead, she wears it in a neat ponytail or bun. Her purse is from Gucci and her perfume is Chanel.

She has a very poised and graceful demeanor as if she's been in finishing school for her whole life. She may appear prim and icy on the outside (because she is). But there is a fire in her. A passionate drive of emotions that not even she knows about until she returns to her hometown of Pliny, Michigan and becomes involved in a murder mystery. And this, my dears, is how magic begins.

I absolutely loved writing for her. I even made a Pinterest board so that I could imagine what outfits she would wear. The fun part of writing a character so sophisticated and reserved is making them fall. Now, Siobhan is a "good" person. So she's not falling from grace. She's simply becoming the person that she was always meant to be. While writing the second book, I was going to make her more humble and a tad bit messier. But where is the fun is that? Her sometimes icy demeanor is why I enjoyed writing her. So in the books to come, she will become even more regal. More expensive outfits and purses. More high heels and super, big black sunglasses to hide her eyes. This time she'll wear Prada and prance around in Jimmy Choos and Christian Louboutin's. More! More! More! She's an elegant, classy woman with a touch of magic and mystery to her. Most importantly, she's my hero.