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The Houses of Pliny: Old Iroquois

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I absolutely loved writing for Old Iroquois. Old Iroquois is the home base for the June Family in Pliny. The Junes, an old family, has lived in the city for nearly 85 years. The house on 18114 Darklawn is a classic, three story, 8,000 sq ft Adam-Federal Revival home with a light beige stucco exterior and forest green shutters off of every windows. Unlike many of the other big houses in Pliny, Old Iroquois has managed to uphold a certain amount quality over the decades. Even the kitchen and the greenhouse has been updated in the past few years. 

My inspiration for it was an Adam Revival house in Indian Village, Detroit.  I remember seeing this house for the first time years ago and I instantly fell in love. Right then and there I knew that I had to include it in a story.   I've always imagined an open design for Old Iroquois. For such an old house, it is unique for its bright rooms and even brighter wallpapering and wall paint. Since it's closest to the Iroquois River, I wanted it to have a fluid, watery feeling to it. I used colors like cornflowers blue, teals, light gray, white and yellows to describe it. Though bright and roomy, I also wanted to add a touch of darkness and mystery to it. There is something forbidden about Old Iroquois. Whenever Siobhan is in the house alone, there is a feeling that something (or someone) sad is lurking through out the halls. 

Old Iroquois is the main setting in They Came from the River. I  spent a lot of time crafting together it's ambiance. The house is nearly 130 years old. It needed a ghostly, old world charm quality. Adding a livable and lively feel to the house made creating Old Iroquois more fun. Below is the concept board.