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Dark Magic vs. Dark Energy pt. 1. How I’m Creating Magic in my Novels.

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I learned y=mx+b and suddenly I am studying astrophysics. In order to graduate college, I had to take a long dreaded math class. After long hours of studying and crying, I passed the class with an A. I became so enthralled with math that I started studying astronomy out of sheer curiosity. I have learned a plethora of wonderful things about the universe. But most mysterious and fascinating are the concepts of dark matter and dark energy.

As a fantasy writer it is my duty to incorporating these phenomena into my books. I think every writer have a different idea of magic and how it works. I always thought of the magic in my The Sarea Legends books as a mysterious energy source that naturally existed on Earth and only certain people can manipulate it. This brings me to the concept of dark energy. This begs the question the question: What is dark energy?

In physics, dark energy can be defined as a theoretical repulsive force that counteracts gravity and causes the universe to expand at an accelerating rate.

Or, an unknown form of energy which is hypothesized to permeate all of space, tending to accelerate the expansion of the universe. -Wikipedia

The really cool things is that astronomers still don’t know exactly what dark energy is. They know more about what it is rather than what it isn’t. What is known is that it makes up approximately 70% of the universe. The other 25% is dark matter and the remaining 5% consist of the known universe which is everything that can be perceived from a telescope. The two popular theories about dark energy is that it is either a.) energy created from empty space and is constant throughout all time and space, or b.) an energy that varies over time and space.

Dark energy is the real world counterpart to magic. According to my imagination, magic is an energy force that flows throughout the universe. It is unseen, powerful, and highly active. Magic is also found within humans. The universal nature of magic allows the Sareas to manipulate celestial objects to a small degree. For instance, there is moon magic, star magic, radiation magic, etc. However, it takes a highly skilled mage to manipulate these energies at will.

Magic on Earth is much more renegade than it is on other dimensions. Meaning that the Sareas can manipulate it a lot easier than a person living in their home world. The reason being is that their are simply more people with magic in their home world. This creates a natural checks and balance system. Earth has only three known magic practitioners. Since their is an abundance of magical energy on Earth and only a few mages, they can conjure things more freely. This plot point isn’t too important in the second book. However, the third book revolves around this idea.

I intend for this to be a blog series about magic. Part two will be about the how dark matter has inspired magic in my books.

Book Update! The Folk Tree

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I’m officially writing the second installment of The Sarea Legends Books. Book Two will be titled The Folk Tree. The story takes place two months after the events of the first novel. Siobhan has become reclusive in the walls of Old Iroquois while suffering the affects of PTSD and loneliness. As tensions in the sleepy town of Pliny is mounting, Siobhan grounds her power in leadership and diplomatic pursuits. Just as things are going right for her another atrocity unveils a sinister family heritage that puts the Junes into survival mode.

Themes I’m exploring in this story are:

Mental Health




Family Relationships


Unrequited (Manic) Love


The release date will be posted shortly. For those of you who entered the giveaway, I hope that you are enjoying They Came from the River. I love my fans and I hope that this message has reached you all well.

A Style Guide of Siobhan June (The Sarea Legends)

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The creation of Siobhan June came from my need to create a character that is totally different from me , but who also possessed fundamental characteristics of myself. She’s totally fascinating to me. Much of my branding and marketing platforms is built off of her style. In a few short words, Siobhan June’s visual identity is:







She’s a minimalist. She doesn’t rock a lot of bling or flash. I envisioned groundbreaking silhouettes with a duality in both movement and restriction. Her color palette is either pale colors or dark and vivid. There wouldn’t be a lot of prints or patterns in her wardrobe. Maybe stripes and plaid. She’d keep to cool, conservative tones and color blocking. She’d wear pearls and studs encrusted with gems. Her favorite jewelry would be sterling silver, white gold, or platinum. I think gold would be too much dazzle for her.

Pearls are always appropriate.
— Jackie Kennedy

Hair and Make Up

Siobhan is a classic girl. She favors natural make up with a bold red lip occasionally. Her hair is usually pinned up or in a low ponytail/bun.

Everyday Casual

I’ve always imagined that Siobhan mastered the concept of business casual. She’s an author, ghostwriter, and business woman. All of her outfits would need to be stylish, sophisticated, and comfortable. This is nice example of how she’d dress when shopping, running errands, at a cafe, etc.

Business Attire

Siobhan is the queen of business attire. I have the best time pinning outfit ideas for her. Siobhan is at her best when she is working. Rather it is organizing business connections or interviewing old families, Siobhan June will always look like she stepped out of a fashion magazine.


As far as something sexy, she’d be a draper. In my opinion, a draped dress or shirt with a nice slit can take an outfit from casual to BAM! Siobhan’s idea of sexy expresses itself in evening wear/ cocktail attire.

Formal Wear

One of the fun things about The Sarea Legends Book Two is writing the Mayoral Ball. Finally, I get to dress her up in a princess gown. For this scene, I’m stepping Siobhan out of usual box while still remaining true to aesthetic. I really fell in love with the idea of a Cinderella like silhouette. It the drama and elegance of it all! What do you all think? Follow the Siobhan June Pinterest Board and leave a comment with your thoughts and ideas.

The Reason I'm Changing My Author Platform and Why You Should, Too

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I have this fixation with creating my female's characters fashion. It's a natural product of writing from a female perspective. My insight on them goes far beyond how they look (I write black female protagonist). I think about how they dress. Does their attire match their personality? What color of nails would she have? Would she even polish her nails? Is her makeup flashy or is it minimalist? Skirts or dresses? Jeans or leggings? What sort of purse would she rock?

This whole "fashion obsession" began with Siobhan June. She's a modern, sophisticated, somewhat emotionally distant young lady who enjoys the finer things in life. Cool. But how should I dress her? My early Pinterest Boards were inspired by her sense of fashion and style. Eventually, I started treating my other characters the same. Charlotte Sinclair's style is inspired by a sultry, independent woman from the roaring 1920's. Fawn Ichikawa's fashion is the epitome of luxury. Camilla DiGorgio is sexy bohemian. And Belle Holloway favors a straight, sensible silhouette. 

 I plan on going into this in much more detail because this blog isn't just for my books. I'm now lifestyle blogging. Lifestyle blogging, for an author, is such a wonderful way to talk about your influences and other interest. I feel that making my author platform more lifestyle oriented that I can relate to a host of more people without losing my passion for storytelling.

For example, my blog is centered around my writings and combining the other aspects of my life that contributes to my imagination. Fashion, hair, gardening, architecture, travel, adventure, mythology, anthropology, astronomy, food...these are all things that i thoroughly enjoy. Just take a gander at my Pinterest Boards. I'm all over the place because I hate to be boxed into a certain category. 

I'm starting this lifestyle blog with the fashion aspects of my characters. Not to worry, the men in my books will get fair treatment as well. I simply adore dressing my male characters in a suit and tie (The Lavish Northrup Hall). However, all of my other interest and pursuits will be discussed as well. 

Again, the Lavish Northrup Hall will be released on Halloween 2018. It is a fantasy horror novella about a hunting party being tormented by a mysterious entity on a lavish New England estate. It has an anachronistic timeline which experiments with the 1920's and 1930's as well as the present. Main characters are Charlotte Sinclair, Belle Holloway, and Fawn Ichikawa.  If this sounds like something you'd read, subscribe to my email list for updates and giveaways. 


30 Day Journal Challenge: 10 Things That Makes Me Happy.

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Shame on me. I took a break from the 30 day journal challenge. The truth is, I took a few days to break from everything and really focused on my writings and musings. After much thought, here are 10 things that make me jovial. This isn't the deepest list of happiness. Instead, this list is just the little thing that I find pleasurable in life. 

1. Ben & Jerry's Salted Caramel Core and Cinnamon Buns Ice Cream

2. My teddy bear, Japella

3. My experience teaching in Korea, only to become a teacher.

4. My book collection on ancient Egypt.

5. All the Same by the Sick Puppies

6. Face Mask

7.  The smell of lavender

8. Breathing in the crisp cold air.

9. Walking in the park.

10. Hugs from my mom.


Why I am Reconstructing My Story, The Lavish Northrup Hall.

The Lavish Northrup HallLauren JimersonComment

Storytelling is hard. Writing a book is even harder. There are so many things to consider: plot, setting, characters...researching the plot, characters, and setting. It's no wonder that I haven't published a book in two years. I've been called purist by my colleagues. As I grow and evolve as a writer, I'm starting to see how I am. I like to get the emotions of every element just right when I am creating a story.

About a year ago I made a post detailing the general idea of a story called The Lavish Northrup Hall. It would have been a fantasy horror novella set in 1920's England. As I was putting pen to paper, I realized that I could not write this story. I've never lived in 1920's England. The most I know of that time and place is from what I learned from watching Downton Abbey. To fully understand this era I was doing a lot of research but something wasn't connecting creatively. As it turns out, I was doing more researching than actual writing and story building. That's a problem.

Fast forward one year later, I've reconstructed The Lavish Northrop Hall. The story is an experimentation in anachronism. It will be set in the present. However, elements such as fashion, drinks, sport, etc will have a 1920's and 1930's flair. Instead of England, I'm moving the setting to New England. Making it an American tale, I can discuss themes like love, jealousy, sexism, racism, and betrayal truer to form. It will still be a horror fantasy novella. Lastly, it will be published next month. That sets the publication date before the sequel to They Came from the River. 

The Lavish Northrup Hall is about a hunting party becoming victims of a mysterious entity while gathered on a Gilded Age New England estate. The main character, Charlotte Page Sinclair, is an anthropologist and folklorist navigating ethnicity and socio-economic classes. I was inspired by Zora Neale Hurston when I created her. She's full of wit, fun, and survival. If The Lavish Northrup Hall sounds like your kind of story, subscribe to my mailing list for upcoming events, news, and giveaways. 


30 Day Journal Challenge: What does my soul want me to know?

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Sitting alone on my bed today, August 29, 2018, I'll ask the age old question: What does my soul want me to know?  I'm no stranger to studying ancient and estoic knowledge. I'm an anthropologist and fantasy writer after all. Within 5 minutes of rythmatic breathing and meditation, the answer came to me.


My soul needs for me to know love. 

That's a blog topic for another time and day. However, I can't help thinking about love. Lately, I've been daydreaming about love. The sweet, romantic kind of love stories that I heard when I was a little girl. I was such a hopeless romantic kid. Over the years, my approach to love became a lot more grounded...realistic.

But what so wrong with romantic, fairy-tales and far off adventures with the one that you love?

Tell me, what does your soul want you to know today?

30 Day Journal Challenge: Top 7 Inspirational Quotes

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I consider myself a spiritual being. As a spiritual being, I like to find a sense of tranquility in other's insight and soothing words. I found these quotes by accident. Most of them were posted throughout my social media accounts. They were so profound that I never forgot them. 

*Number 7 is more of a warning than a quote.

*I'll write a whole blog post on Oprah's greatest quotes.


If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.
— Martin Luther King Jr.
Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.
— Oscar Wilde
In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.
— Robert Frost
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
— Lao Tzu
A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down.
— George Herbert
Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.
— Oprah Winfrey
Don’t make a black woman take off her earrings.
— Madea